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Ironhog is a raging racer looter where players fight with no mercy or hesitation. Our game is a response to Gearbox Quebec, who challenged us to merge a loot mechanic into a new genre, as Looter Shooter did. 

Our game is a 4-9 networked multiplayer experience, designed to let players race to be first, battle each other, and get loot they can use to to equip their car. 


UI/UX and Game Designer: Pamela Payad (@TwoPeasArt, portfolio)

Artist/3D Modeller, Level and Game Designer: Bernice Wong (@boleroroe, portfolio)

Programmer and Game Designer: Mustafa Kirgul (@mustafayasorportfolio)

Technical Game Designer: Wulusi Zhang (@wuwuwuzhang, portfolio)

Install instructions

Download zip file and extract files.

Go to the newly created IronhogV1.1 folder.

Click on Ironhog.exe to play the build.



Ironhog_V1.2.zip 560 MB


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